How to Work as a Home Based Freelance Copywriter

If you have the talent in creative or technical writing, and you are thinking of setting up your own business, becoming a professional or a freelance copywriter might be a great venture you can start with. In the freelance copywriting industry, you can work from home, in your own time and schedule.

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Before you start the copywriting business, it is always wise to set-up physically and mentally. You should have a small space in your room devoted to your copywriting. You should have a desk, ergonomic chair, a good computer with fast internet connection, a printer scanner, a dedicated phone connection. You should also sign up for an email address devoted to your business, separate from your private address.

You should also plan your price rates for certain projects. List your available services such as press releases, business plan, case studies, web contents, brochures etc. Check what other freelance copywriters are asking for these services in your area, or at least average the rates in the World Wide Web, of course, based on your background, credentials, and skills. Most freelance copywriters and clients like an flat rate instead of the weekly or hourly rate.

Devise some fundamental marketing equipment. At most, this could include business cards and a website where you can post your resume with credentials and background, and where your clients can find you. Also, the internet is a powerful marketing channel with the search engines that can provide your business updated in the industry.

Share the news when you start your freelance copywriting. Communicate previous employers, colleagues, friends, relatives. Ask if they know possible clients that might need your copywriting services. Make sure you always have business cards available whenever you go out, or attend a meeting or even a party.

Make a list of agencies or companies that might need your services. Begin with those companies that are within the circle of your interest. Do some research with these companies and their line of business. Through the internet, you can also have free contact to business databases. You should look for the person who is in charge for advertising or communications with these companies.

When you are done in listing these possible clients, begin communicating with them. You can call the person in-charge with inquiries or send an e-mail, whatever method you like as long as it is comfortable for you and your client. There is no need for a rough sales ground. Just introduce yourself and your copywriting business and make an inquiry on how you can help with their business. Make the call as professional as possible.

Some companies you may call don’t need freelance services; however, they might need you in the future. Make an inquiry if it’s all right to follow-up with them in the future. If it’s okay, jot it down in your planner and make sure to follow-up with the client.

Begin making a community network. Enlist in your local business organizations or chamber of commerce. You can search for different business support groups in your area.

Before you begin your business, at least have a savings. A year of living expenses is great before you launch your copywriting services. This will facilitate easy flow of your business, because there is still the shroud of doubt for beginning freelancers, and you need to compete with large freelance companies. Thus, your business will be slow, at first. After a while, you will be glad you took the first step in becoming a freelance copywriter.


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