Advertise made the first page of Google (the biggest search engine) in the first three month of it’s availability online and has consistently being on Google’s first page every other month. With a present SEO Score 76 out of 100, we are glad that our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works on an highly searched keyword “Make Money Online Nigeria”. What this simply means is that, whenever people search for Make Money Online Nigeria on Google, they would see listed among the first 10 results. This is helping us a great deal. You can do a a search now to confirm that


You may ask “How will that help me?” If you place your advert on, you will surely get more of your products/services sold or more leads to your blog/site. This is due to the traffic we get (and will be getting steadily) from major search engines and anywhere else on the internet. You now have the opportunity to advertise on It is a choice you have to make as soon as possible because many people wants to buy a piece of us.


Advertise on Make Money Online Nigeria


We rank high for words such as Make Money Nigeria, Way to Make Money Nigeria, Making Money Nigeria, Make Money Online Nigeria and other over 1,312 words related to Money, Nigeria, Wealth, Blog, Business, Traffic, Blackberry, Phones, Laptop, MTN and every other keywords related to Money, Business and Wealth. You can take a cue from this. It simply means if you have a product or service is these categories, you stand a better chance of getting huge returns if you place you adverts on Make Money Online Nigeria.


To buttress my claim, I want you to see the statistics as they are listed below;


You should also check out Make Money Online Nigeria’s live traffic stats so as to verify the statistics.


The stats shows how Make Money Online Nigeria is growing in leaps and bounds.


Wouldn’t you rather place your adverts immediately?


Traffic Source

We have four major traffic source. These are search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask etc), direct traffic, referring sites and others.


As at October 25th 2012, you would be glad to know that our major visitors and readers are from;


1. Nigeria
2. Mobile
3. United States
4. India
5. United Kingdom
6. Ghana
7. Germany
8. Philippines
9. Senegal
10. Canada

and 186 other countries. This is a good place for you to place your Advert immediately. You will not only get clients from Africa but also from North America, Asia, Europe etc


Also, we get visits from the following cities (as at October 25th 2012)

1. Mobile Phone
2. Lagos
3. Abuja
4. Ibadan
5. Port Harcourt
6. London
7. Accra
8. Dakar
9. New Delhi
10. Seattle

and 5,299 other cities across the world.


How much does it cost to place an Advert?

Advert Location or Type Advert Size or Type Advert Price Advert Duration
Blog Header (Beside/Under Site Logo) 768×90 N 15, 000 30 Days
On Sidebar, Above Post & Home Page 300×250 N 12, 000 30 Days
On Sidebar (Blog Page Alone) 160×600 N 7, 000 30 Days
After Post/Below Author Box 125×125 N 4, 000 30 Days
Blog Sidebar Only 250×250 N 7, 000 30 Days
Blog Header (Above Blog Posts) 468×60 N 7, 000 30 Days
Sponsored Links Text Ads N 5, 000 30 Days
After Individual Blog Posts 468×60 N 6, 000 30 Days
On Individual Blog Posts 250×125 N 5, 000 30 Days
Word(s) in Blog Posts Linking to your product Text Link N 10, 000 30 Days
Product Reviews Blog Posts N 10, 000 As long as the product lasts
Sponsored Status Update on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin N 3, 000 As long as the status lasts


To place your adverts on Make Money Online Nigeria, please send your full name, mail address, phone number, home/office address, occupation (school & course if student) and the advert type you want to buy. Send these details to us using the contact form below. Please note, your info is required so we can have a database of our clients. With that, you can have access to discounts on further adverts.



Once we get your email, we would reply you with an invoice that contains the details and steps you need to do before your ads can be placed.


Thanks for reading this. We’ll be expecting to get a feedback from you.


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