Free WordPress Installation Service for Nigerians

One of the most common complaint I get from potential new bloggers is that they don’t know how to install WordPress or that they find it hard to work on their cpanel or that they don’t know what to do. Terms like FTP, CPanel, MySQL etc are very strange to them and setting up a database might a pain.


I’ve been helping so many Nigerians will setting up their WordPress blog for certain prices. If you are finding it hard to install, configure and do all the work in starting a blog on WordPress, then this free WordPress installation service is for you!


It’s really simple. I will install and set up a WordPress blog for you at no cost to you. Not only that, I will also install for free the following plugins to get your blog started.


WordPress SEO
Google Sitemap
W3 Total Cache
WordPress Stats
After The Deadline

and some other good plugins I use to rank this blog high on search engines.


In addition, I’ll set up your new blog with search engine friendly URLs. Google Sitemap will help get your blog pages indexed quickly on Google. W3 Total Cache will make your blog load a lot faster and handle more traffic. WP Stats will let you know who is visiting your blog. Akismet kills off the comment spam and After The Deadline will proof read your blog post for grammar and spelling. These are some of the best WordPress plugins available and they’re included free with the WordPress installation service.


This is being sponsored by HostGator. They are my web host. They are the ones paying me to do this. If you were to pay me to install WordPress and the plugins for you, it would cost you at least N 15, 000.


To get the free WordPress installation service, all you have to do is order a web hosting plan from HostGator. Then forward the login information to [email protected] and I’ll install WordPress for you within 5 days. Afterwards, I’ll email you back the login information for your new WordPress blog and other details and you can start blogging. Please note, I will not keep any of the forwarded information from HostGator. Once WordPress has been set up, I will delete the email.


HostGator WordPress hosting plans start as low as $4.95 per month. However, I have a coupon code that will give you 25% off that already low price. Simply order the your web hosting and enter coupon code mmonigeria25off into the coupon field. This will reduce the price of any hosting plan by 25%.


Not only will you get your hosting at a great discount but every hosting plan at HostGator comes with $100 of Google AdWords credit that you can use to promote your new blog. Start your blog for 25% off, get WordPress and plugins installed for free and get $100 of AdWords credit. You won’t find a better web hosting deal anywhere!


If you’re ready to start blogging right now, and I mean RIGHT NOW, then head over to HostGator, order your hosting plan and I’ll get you started.


Click Here To Order Your New WordPress Blog. Remember to enter coupon code mmonigeria25off into the coupon field. This will reduce the price of any hosting plan by 25%.


Got any question? Please ask using the comment form provided further below


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Free WordPress Installations for Nigerians
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