How to Write a Great Advert that Get Signups

A good advert needs a good subject line that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. When a headline makes you curious, do you read it? You can cause curiosity by asking questions such as “Have you heard?” or “What’s this?”, etc. You can use negative subject lines like “You just lost money”, or “Stop being fooled”, etc. Negative lines work because of all the negative news we hear every day. We are conditioned to them.

You can also come up with off the wall subject lines that make people curious like, “Aliens just landed”, etc. but stay away from claims about money. People see through hype since they see so much. Use your imagination.

Keep your sentences and paragraphs as short as possible. It will hold the reader’s attention.

Don’t use a lot of capital letters.

Words to avoid using are buy, bad, death, loss, hard, worry, taxes, wrong, difficult, sell, fail, decision. Use words such as amazing, safe, free, love, benefit, money, gain, happy, glad, proven, guarantee, results, fast, discover, how to, how you, your, yours, you’ll natural, healthy, magic, secret, proud, secure, solution and comfortable.

Try to use the words you, your, and yours, instead of the words, “I, we, our and us.” Try to always refer to the person reading the advert such as “You will be proud, You will benefit, You’ll be happy you joined, Your future is waiting, You will love our proven secret”.

Remember that you are only trying to get people interested enough to find out more by signing up at your site. Write your advert and then put it aside and come back and read it the next day. Sometimes you can come back with a clearer mind and make the advert better.

Make sure that you give the reader a Call to Action like Sign Up Now, or Click Here, Start now, etc. You can use symbols in your Subject Line such as ***, ~~~, etc. It helps catch someone?s attention.

Now, go out there and start writing great adverts that get signups.

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