How to Get Zenith Bank Visa Card and Telebanking for Your Online Purchases

You would need to go to a nearby Zenith Bank branch with a minimum of $120. Get to their customer care/service agent and tell the person you meet their that you need the Visa Prepaid Card (or Buxz Card). The customer care/service agent will ask you for your identification card (National ID or International Passport or Drivers License) and at least $120. You would also be asked for a passport photograph and Utility bill ( PHCN/NEPA bill).

You would be given a form to fill, in which you will fill in your Personal details and the details of your identification card. Inside the form, you will see an option asking you if you want a generic Buxz card or a Personalized one. The personalized one comes with your name embossed on the card while the generic one doesn’t. You should go for any of them. They cost the same but the personalized one takes days before you get it. You will get the generic one the same day. personally went for the generic one because I didn’t want to wait for extra days before I get my card.

After you fill the form properly, you would need to return the form to the customer care/service agent. You will then wait for the processing. After processing, you would be gievn a teller, fill it stating how much you want to pay, take it to the cashier, together with a minumum of $120 notes and deposit into the account number you would be given. OR the customer care/service agent will help you make the payment. After a while, you would be given your prepaid card. After you get the card, you would need to call Zenith Bank’s card services on 01-2781740 after some hours so they can activate the card for you. You would be told by Zenith Bank’s card services to wait for 24 hours before you start using it.


How to Get Zenith Bank Visa Card Telebanking PIN

If you are a Zenith Visa Card holder, with the help of Visa Telebanking, you will be able to manage your card accounts online from the comfort of your home, office or mobile phone, anywhere, anytime. This way, you will be able to track all transactions carried out on your card. To have access to the Visa Telebanking, you will need a customer ID and Telebanking PIN. You will also need a V by V (verified by visa) PIN for transfers.

To get your customer ID, telebanking PIN and V by V (verified by visa) PIN, go to the nearest Zenith bank. Walk up to the customer care/service agent and let him/her know that you want to apply for Telebanking. You will be issued a form to fill and you will be asked to check back after a few weeks. Keep checking your email address for an email from Zenith Bank Card Services Department.

Once you receive an email containing your Customer ID, you can go back to the bank to collect your PINS. Once you have your PINS, enclosed in 2 envelopes, (labelled vbv and TB), call the Call services so they can activate your account accordingly. A support ticket will be opened up for you with respect to this. After some hours, you will get a confirmation email, then you can start to log in to your online account.


How to Access Zenith Bank Visa Card Telebanking Portal

After you get your telebanking PIN from the Zenith Bank branch you use, you would need to check your email address for an email from the Zenith Bank. The email will contain some information and your 16-Digit Customer ID. You would need the 16-Digit Customer ID and the telebanking PIN to have access to your account online. After you get both, please follow the simple steps below.

· Go to
· Click on the Internet Banking link on the homepage.
· From the Zenith Cards Online drop down, select Visa Telebanking.
· Enter your 16-Digit Customer ID and Secret Code (4-digit PIN) in the fields provided.
· Click ‘Logon’ to view your personalized Telebanking page.

You are advised to change your PIN immediately on first logon (available under Services; Change Secret Code). Please note that this service comes inactive. To activate your access, kindly call 01-2781740. You would be asked some questions like your card number, your date of birth, your email address, your home address etc before your access can be activated. By activating this service, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the service.

With the telebanking, you would have access to your Card balances, accounts history, view transaction history, perform inter and intra transfers and enjoy the online experience! Please note, you have a globally accepted payment card (credit or prepaid) that offers you convenience, enhanced security for your funds and total control of your account. As a cardholder, you are able to access and manage your card accounts online from the comfort of your home, office, or mobile phone anywhere, anytime. This service is free, secure and available at the issuance of your Visa Credit and Prepaid cards only.

You can withdraw funds (Naira or Dollars) on ATM machines that accepts the Visa card – preferably, Zenith Bank’s ATMs. Zenith bank charges you $5 everytime you load the card. There is a transaction fee on every transaction you do. The fee is 1.5% of the transaction amount/minimum of $3. It is NOT COMPULSORY you have a bank account with Zenith bank for you to get the Prepaid Visa Card.


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