eaZymoney: Zenith Bank’s Mobile Money Payment Service

eaZymoney is Zenith bank’s secure fast and flexible mobile payment solution that enables you carry out basic financial transactions through your mobile phone. With eaZymoney , your mobile number serves as an account number, while a virtual account called an M-Wallet is created and tied to this number. This enables deposits (Cash-in) and withdrawals (Cash-out) to be carried out from your mobile number through an agent or any branch of Zenith Bank.


What is eaZymoney?

eazymoneyeaZymoney is Zenith bank’s mobile payment solution with which customers may send and receive money and carry out basic financial transactions using an eaZymoney mobile wallet on their mobile phones. For subscribers, it is a mobile money service that enables you to send money to anyone with a mobile phone. This service also allows you to make payments to merchants, pay bills, top up airtime and shop the easy way.

eaZymoney Service for Corporate Bodies:

* Make bulk payment to beneficiaries: Corporate firms can pay salaries to employees M-wallets. Pensions, Bursaries and other payment schemes may also utilize the platform to pay beneficiaries as long as they have mobile phones.
* Bills payments/collections
* Point-of-sale payments
* Lease-to-own payments
* Life Insurance
* Domestic/International remittances

eaZymoney Service for Individuals:

* Send money to any mobile number or bank account
* Transfer money from your zenith Bank account to other banks
* Transfer money from your eaZymoney wallet to another wallet
* Pay bills to service providers and merchants
* Buy airtime for self and others
* Deposit money at any eaZymoney agent or Zenith Bank branch
* Withdraw money at any eaZymoney agent or Zenith Bank branch
* Check balance
* Change Pin


* Secure, fast and convenient to use
* Send money, pay bills, shop and make payments the easy way
* Access to your money 24/7
* Keep track of balances, payments and expenses

To get started with eaZymoney:

You can do any of the following;

* Visit www.eazymoney.com.ng to register online.
* Visit any Visafone shop to get the eaZymoney SIM-Based application on your phone if you are a Visafone subscriber
* Access the application on your SIM card directly if you are an Etisalat subscriber
* Dial *966# to register
* Visit any Zenith Bank branch with the subscriber form to register

Please note, registration for eaZymoney is free!


Originally posted 2013-08-17 13:13:31.